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Welcome The Stranger
mp312 MB11/28/2016
mp317 MB11/14/2016
My Grandfather
mp319 MB10/25/2016
2016 Presidential Election
mp326 MB10/14/2016
Helping The Homeless
mp320 MB9/25/2016
September 11th Memories
mp321 MB9/09/2016
Are These The End Times
mp314 MB9/02/2016
It Is Not About You
mp319 MB9/02/2016
mp315 MB9/02/2016
Psalm 23 Verse 4
mp313 MB9/02/2016
Why We Go On Mission Trips
mp315 MB8/03/2016
mp318 MB8/03/2016
Why Did God Choose Humans
mp316 MB8/03/2016
Human Sexuality
mp338 MB8/02/2016
mp325 MB7/05/2016
mp323 MB6/08/2016
mp321 MB6/03/2016
mp319 MB5/22/2016
Speaking In Tongues
mp328 MB5/19/2016
The Ascension of Christ
mp319 MB5/09/2016
Judas Iscariot
mp324 MB4/29/2016
The Disciple John
mp324 MB4/25/2016
The Disciple Peter
mp322 MB4/18/2016
The Disciple Thomas
mp317 MB4/15/2016
Mary Magdalene
mp320 MB4/08/2016
mp312 MB3/31/2016
Jesus and the Pharisees
mp315 MB3/04/2016
Jesus Feeds 5000
mp314 MB3/04/2016
mp313 MB2/24/2016
Jesus And The Demon Pigs
mp315 MB2/15/2016
mp312 MB2/15/2016
Sermon on the Mount
mp315 MB2/15/2016
The 12 Disciples
mp316 MB1/25/2016
The Ancestry of Jesus
mp316 MB1/16/2016
John the Baptist
mp315 MB1/12/2016
mp319 MB1/04/2016
Top 10 Christmas Memories
mp315 MB12/18/2015
mp312 MB12/18/2015
mp316 MB12/18/2015
mp319 MB12/03/2015
Stuffing Recipe and Elijah
mp320 MB11/24/2015
The Fall of David
mp320 MB11/23/2015
David Becomes King
mp321 MB11/15/2015
The First King of Israel
mp320 MB11/04/2015
The Book Of Judges
mp330 MB11/02/2015
mp322 MB10/25/2015
mp328 MB10/16/2015
mp328 MB10/08/2015
Abraham and Isaac
mp328 MB10/04/2015
Sensory Service Update
mp36 MB9/28/2015
Descendants of Noah
mp316 MB9/28/2015
mp315 MB9/21/2015
Cain and Abel
mp317 MB9/20/2015
Sensory Friendly Service
mp315 MB5/19/2015
Dad Overview
mp318 MB5/13/2015
Sermon Stories Makeup
mp317 MB5/05/2015
Podcast Jonah
mp318 MB5/05/2015
mp321 MB4/22/2015
Holy Week
mp324 MB4/14/2015
Happy New Year
mp320 MB1/01/2015
mp318 MB11/19/2014
Bieber and Autism
mp316 MB11/12/2014
Motorcycle Accident Update
mp39 MB10/13/2014
Podcast Pilot
mp38 MB9/27/2014