In 1958, the Eastern PA Conference of the Evangelical United Brethren Church purchased a reconverted barn and a temporary parsonage on seven acres of land in the area known as Skyline View. This would become Calvary EUB. Many among us remember worshipping in the old Lenkerbrook Barn, our first place of worship in 1958.  We understand what it means to be a neighborhood church, for some of us were asked by our neighbors to join them Sunday morning for worship. From a faith that started in a barn, an open door goes without saying.


1958: Began in Lenkerbrook Farm Barn


1967:  Groundbreaking at new site and demolition of Barn Church


1968: Began worship in new building - Calvary EUB became Mt. Calvary UMC when the EUB and Methodist churches merged. 


1992: Expansion of new building began

2008: Celebrated 50 years of ministry


2011: Wonders Found Thrift Store Opens