Opportunities To Serve


  • Acolyte - Lighting and dousing of candles during worship service. Also assisting with communion on appropriate Sundays.
  • Children’s Message - Would you be interested in sharing with the children during the children’s message portion of worship?
  • Scripture Reader - Reading the Scripture prior to the sermon during worship service.
  • Special Music - For folks with musical talents who would like to share during a worship service.
  • Choir - If you have been blessed with the ability to sing we are continually searching for new members of the choir.
  • Handbell Choir - If you enjoy hearing the bell choir and would like to participate not only can you but training is also available.
  • Dance/Drama - Do you have a gift of dance or drama and would like to honor God with your gift? Please let us know so that we can be blessed to enhance our worship experience.
  • Stewards - Counting and Recording the offering following worship. Stewards also make the bank deposit. Training is provided for this role.
  • Greeter - Welcoming folks into the worship service as they enter the doors. Greeters also offer gift bags to newcomers and help with directions needed within the church.
  • Usher - Hand out bulletins before service and collect offering during the service.
  • Head Usher - Ensure ushers are present, act as “roamer” for nursery, lead collection of offering & offer prayer, count & record number in worship, and organize pews after service.



  • Mission Team – Joining the team that helps oversee Wonders Found, arrange mission trips, and cares for other mission-related needs within the church.
  • Mission Trips - Joining folks from our church on trips to various parts of the country to help those in need. Trips are typically a week long but times can vary.
  • Helping Hands - Going to Grace Church and helping to feed the homeless one Sunday a month prior to worship.
  • Toolbox Ministry - Performing small home repair jobs for folks in our congregation.
  • Hands On Ministry - Becoming involved in ministries our church is tangentially connected with such as Mission Central and Bethesda Mission.


Wonders Found

  • Volunteer - Taking time during the week to Volunteer at our thrift shop. This involves sorting, pricing, and selling merchandise in Christian love.
  • Donate cookies/snacks/drinks - Occasionally provide refreshments for our customers.
  • Brief moments of muscle power - Lifting some of our heavier items or containers of merchandise.
  • Child Care for Bible Study - Providing child care during Bible Studies at Wonders Found. This could be helpful for customers who’d like to participate in studies but don’t know what to do with their kids.


Spiritual Formation

  • Bible Studies - Are you interested in participating in or potentially leading a Bible Study? The more opportunities we have to grow in faith in Christ, the greater the chance to bring salvation to the lost.
  • Sunday School Teacher - Leading one of our current or beginning a new adult Sunday School Class.
  • Sunday School Substitute - Being available to fill in if the Sunday School teacher will be away.
  • Other Studies - Let us know what you’re interested in!



  • Sunday Morning Coffee Fellowship - Helping to set up the coffee fellowship and staying to help clean up after fellowship time is over.
  • Great Retired United Methodist Persons (GRUMPS) - This group meets monthly for outings and special events to fellowship together.
  • Shepherding Ministry - Being accountable to contact and support members of the congregation in times of need.
  • Membership/History - Overseeing, updating, and preserving the archives, historical materials, and membership records of our church.
  • Library Care - Helping to organize and care for the church Library.
  • Senior Van Driver - Volunteering to drive the West Hanover Senior Van. If interested, please see Claire Zeiters.
  • Exercise - We have both a weekly Zumba class as well as a Fit Club
  • Computer/Web Design
  • Landscaping/Grounds Keeping
  • Other...


Teams and Committees

Administrative Council - this body provides for the planning and implementing of programs, administration, and ministry for our church. Typically those who head committees serve on the Council but others can attend meetings and contribute insight as well. Meetings are monthly.

Trustees - this group is responsible for the oversight, maintenance, and supervision of all church property. If you have skills in labor or an interest in seeing our church facilities improved for accommodating ministry, this might be the committee for you. Meetings are monthly.

Staff Parish Relations Committee - This group has the primary responsibility of working with the Pastor and Staff to make sure the mission of the church is accomplished. The roles of the SPRC include explaining the nature and function of ministry to the staff and congregation, conferring with the congregation and the staff/pastor about ministry direction, assessing the ministry of the congregation and pastor/staff annually, conferring and consulting with the District Superintendent, supporting continuing education for all staff, identifying and supporting individuals from the congregation whom God seems to be calling for ordained ministry. This group meets typically 3-4 times a year.

Nominating Committee - The primary responsibility of this group is to identify the individual gifts of members of the congregation and recommend individuals for service in ministries throughout the church. This group meets 1-2 times a year.

Finance - The committee on finance shall give stewardship of financial resources as their priority throughout the year. Those on this team come together to assess requests of committees for budgeting purposes and ultimately prepare the annual church budget.

Worship Team - The worship team has the responsibility of working with the pastor and music leaders to ensure that the congregation provides opportunities for worship which will help the congregation experience its relationship with God and will help it live more faithfully as a Christian community.

  • Holiday Decorating - Assist with the decorating and de-decorating of the church during Advent and Lent.
  • Artistic Gifts - If you have gifts in such areas as making/designing Banners, chancel/altar visual preparations, mural painting, or some other area that Worship could be enhanced, please let us know.

Children’s Ministry – Working with Children and programming for kids through Elementary School.

  • Children’s Sunday School - We are in need of both teachers and substitutes for children’s Sunday School. While we currently have just enough to get by it would be helpful to have more adults available.
  • Children’s Church Time (CCT) - Assisting or leading the Children’s Church lesson for the kids that exit the Sanctuary during worship before the sermon.
  • VBS - There are countless places to help during Bible School. From setting up decorations, to teaching, art, singing, media, cooking, and so much more. The more help we have, the better the opportunity to reach kids with Christ.
  • Acolyte Trainer - When kids reach the age of 12 they have the opportunity to serve as Acolytes during worship. Of course, they need some training. If you feel you have such gifts, please sign up.

Youth Ministry – Ministries with Middle and High School students.

  • Youth Ministry Team - If you feel gifted in planning and preparing youth group with the current youth leaders, this is the place for you.
  • Youth Mentor - Do you have a desire to invest your knowledge and wisdom of Christ with a youth? Young people these days need mentors to help them understand the truths of Scripture; perhaps God is calling you into this role.
  • Youth Group Volunteer - Perhaps you’re interested in working with youth but can’t commit to being at the planning meetings. We can always use more adults during Youth Sunday School as well as Youth Group.
  • Confirmation Class - When Confirmation Class is taught there is always a need for more adult presence. Consider volunteering here?
  • Host Youth Event - Do you have a space that could make for a special event for youth? A pool? A mountain? A Video Game Arcade? A really comfy couch? Let us know!


  • Volunteers 9:30 Service - Come oversee and play with children during the 9:30 worship service. Volunteers are expected to arrive by 9:15 and stay until each child has been picked up by parents and the nursery has been cleaned.
  • Volunteers Sensory Friendly Service - Same as above just during our SFS.
  • Cleaners - We would like to begin having a semi-regular deep cleaning of the nursery. This would involve making sure linens are clean, toys are in acceptable condition, and making sure the overall condition and safety of the nursery is up to standards.


  • Hospitality Team - Those serving on the Hospitality Team oversee the working of all hospitality program and member care ministries.
  • Funeral Luncheon - Help with the preparation and serving of food during a luncheon following a funeral service.
  • Make a Meal - Preparing a meal for a family in our congregation in need.
  • Visit Homebound/Nursing Home Members - Paying a special visit to those who cannot come to worship.
  • Sharing Communion with Homebound - Assisting the Pastor with the bringing of communion to the shut-ins.
  • Prayer Chain - Being part, via phone, email, or both, of our prayer chain. You will receive a call and then pass the information on to the next person in the chain.
  • Visitor Welcome Bags - Each Visitor to our church should receive a gift from the church. We use welcome bags and need folks to keep track of and replenish these as needed.
  • Children’s Quiet Bags - Preparing bags with activities for kids to do during worship.
  • Housecleaning (for someone in need)

Communion Steward - Assist with the setting up, distribution, and clean up of communion during appropriate services.

Audio/Light Technician/Media Presenter - Run the sound and slide show during worship. Training is provided.

New Service – This will be our new Sensory Friendly Service. You may have heard Pastor Jim speak of the “service for Autistic folk,” well this is the new way we are describing this service until it receives an official name. This service will likely be once a month on Sunday afternoons.

Planning - This would involve coming together with a group for planning out the different aspects of our monthly Sensory Friendly Service.

Artists - For the SFS we will have an option for folks to do art projects both as worship and in the quiet area. If you believe you would be gifted in this area, please consider helping.

Musicians - If you have gifts with instruments or singing, please consider offering such gifts to the SFS.

Cooks - We will be offering very light refreshments as part of the service. If you’d be interested in baking or preparing something little for those in attendance it would be greatly helpful.

Quiet Area - There will be a special area designated as a quiet space for when our friends with Sensory needs feel overwhelmed. We will need folks to oversee this area during the service.

Social Story Preparation - For each service a Social Story will need to be prepared and mailed out. A social story is a visual guide to the entire service. Along with individual guides being mailed out for those who will need them we will need a version of the same story made to be displayed during the service.

Welcome Station - This is a role of greeter/information-taker.

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